Pierre Le Cohu

pierre le cohu fidere avocatsCAREER

Pierre Le Cohu holds an advanced degree in political science, an advanced degree in business law and a bachelor’s degree in sociology. He started his career as a corporate counsel, going on to hold positions as the human resources director of Trane Company (for 10 years) and labour relations manager at the Thales Group (for 12 years). He joined Barthélémy in 1994, where he was a partner, a position he then held at Capstan until 2009.

He has lectured at the Ecole des Mines in Nancy, Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) University, Paris II University, and at the law faculties of the universities of Nanterre and Montpellier. He has run numerous training courses for Lamy Formation and Liaisons Sociales.

He is a member of the editorial committee for the special editions of the Gazette du Palais that are dedicated to labour law, with particular focus on areas that are common to law and human resources management, such as training, negotiations, and forward-looking employment and skills management.


In addition to numerous articles published in the Cahiers du DRH and Gazette du Palais, Pierre Le Cohu is the author of three books:

Agir avec les représentants du personnel (Lamy Les échos)

Droit et sida (ouvrage collectif) (LGDJ)

La gestion prévisionnelle des emplois et des compétences (Liaisons)